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    The Six: The Untold Story of RMS Titanic's Chinese Passengers

    The story of the six Chinese survivors of the Titanic disaster has been forgotten by history. In “The Six”, we learn how these remarkable men beat the odds to make it out alive, only to be singled out for expulsion from the US within 24 hours of their arrival. We track down their descendants for the first time – and find out how a nation-wide policy of exclusion led to a century of struggle and secrets for their families. Their attempts to penetrate the deeply unjust prohibitions on Chinese immigration take us deep inside an untold story about the migrant experience, torn between ties to the home country, riven by civil war, and constantly thwarted hopes for a fresh start. “The Six” shines a new light on one of the twentieth century’s most infamous and intriguing events, tracing its relevance and impact up to the present day.

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