• The Six

    Our upcoming documentary about the Chinese survivors of Titanic

    The Poseidon Project

    The dramatic hunt for a British submarine lost off the coast of China in 1931

    A Farewell Song

    Five retired Chinese musicians come together to form a new ensemble

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    Documentaries from China and beyond

    Since 2003, the LP Docs team has been producing thought-provoking documentaries from our bases in China and the UK. Our award-winning films cover history, culture, social issues and the economy, and chart a world in flux. We generate our own pitches, working with major broadcasters, as well as clients that want their own projects documenting for posterity.


    The Six

    The untold story of RMS Titanic's six Chinese survivors, who made it out alive against the odds and were written out of history 24 hours later. Winner of Best Asian Pitch at AsianSideoftheDoc.


    The Poseidon Project

    The story of the British submarine that mysteriously sank in waters off China in 1931, the sailors who survived, and their descendants, in search of the truth about what happened. Winner of the Documentary Prize at the Pennine Film Festival.

    A Farewell Song

    A group of Chinese musicians who have retired from their state-backed orchestra reunite to perform a concert in their own right. As the event draws near, a sudden tragedy compels them to reflect on their shared past – 50 years of remarkable music that has kept them going through hardship and upheaval. Winner of the Special Jury Documentary Award at Syracuse International Film Festival.


    Nutcracker Magic

    The making of the extraordinary "Nutcracker" show, which brought together an amazing international team to create the ultimate combination of ballet and Chinese acrobatics.

    2007 Special Olympics

    In 2007, a year before the Beijing Summer Games, Shanghai was host to the Special Olympics. LP Docs spent six months filming the international team that created the opening ceremony of the games, at the time the biggest live show ever shown in China. Broadcast on NatGeo Asia.

    Birth of a Car Company

    New car companies are a rare thing indeed. LP Docs was commissioned to make a documentary about the creation of Qoros, a brand new automobile manufacturer, which launched worldwide in 2013.

    Phenix Ski Olympians

    A short documentary commissioned by Phenix Skiwear about Norwegian Olympic skiers Kjetil André Aamodt and Aksel Lund Svindal.

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    2017年2月20日 · Titanic,DOCUMENTARY,history
    The Six director Arthur Jones lays out his vision for a new type of historical documentary that...
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